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Welcome Aboard [Sep. 7th, 2006|10:20 pm]
Short Story Tapestry Society


Thanks to all for signing on for this project. Whether you join as a writer or observer/enthusiast (and we mean to get you writing, too), it will be a fun ride.

For now, the profile page says most of the news that is fit to print. I started this community to create a forum for creating a specific kind of short-story work, but from that jumping-off point we can go in a lot of directions - and there's no need to choose only one.

mercurialmind has signed on as a co-maintainer for the community, both for her design savvy (anything pretty you see on the site is probably because of her) and for her creative input. THANK YOU SMOOCHES.

Plans are in the works for some ways we can get some writing muscles flexing. Meantime, the floor's open to anyone who wants to post character ideas, theme ideas, or work you wanna share. Specifically, for those who have an interest in sci-fi (Point person on that theme, anyone), let's see some ideas bouncing. I'm taking on the Gothic Carnival idea (watch here for more on that), and mercurialmind's theme-of-choice is urban fantasy (Right?).

I'm excited!

[User Picture]From: quest
2006-09-11 02:48 pm (UTC)
Floor's WIDE OPEN at this point. Anything you wana post to et yoru creativity jump started, please feel free.

I know that I'm working on an overview-post for the Carnival theme, to sorta lay out the setting and establish a couple characters, give an idea for how that'll work. mercucialmind will be doing the same for the Urban Fantasy setting. But you don't have to wait for either one of us to start thinking about characters or start working on a story.

I'm glad to meet you and see what kinda stuff you come up with. ;-)
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